April 19, 2021
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Former NASA Astronaut Believes There Is Another Life Beyond Earth


Judi OnlineLeroy Chiao, former Astronaut of the United States Space Agency (NASA), believes that Earth and humans are not the only life in space. Chiao, who once served as a space station commander (ISS), believes it is based on a recent discovery that mentions the presence of water in one of Saturn’s moons and spicy acidic on comets.

“The existence of such an invention simply proves that there is some other kind of life in our solar system. This means there is another life of the universe, “he said, while speaking in Wollongong, Australia.

“I think there are many types of life out there, including life that has reason, but the reason why we do not find each other is because the distance is very far,” he said again, as quoted by ABC News.

The presence of other beings outside the Earth, Chiao says shows how great the universe is and how agen poker terpercaya other planets can be millions of light years. It is not surprising that we have not found life other than humans on Earth.

The existence of this other creature is still a debate. However, Bigelow Aerspace airline founder Robert Bigelow is one of those who believe in it. Bigelow relates that he first became interested in aliens and UFOs after his grandfather met with UFOs outside Las Vegas. He himself also claimed to have “almost found” but did not provide more specific details.

“[UFOs] are really speeding up and entering right into their [human] faces and filling up the entire windshield,” he said during the interview as The Verge noted. “And UFOs take off at the right angle and disappear in the distance.”

Despite not providing specific evidence, Bigelow apparently has a special company that has been directed by the FAA about UFO reports and other strange activities. Bigelow’s deep interest with aliens is also evidenced by the ET illustration at Bigelow Aerospace’s headquarters in Las Vegas.