April 19, 2021
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Explore the Moon, Tiongkok Invite Private Companies


Judi Online – The Chinese government will open a moon exploration program that calls on private companies not to rely solely on the government sector, in hopes of improving the technological breakthrough of space.

The next Chinese mission to the moon, which is being implemented in the Chang’e 4 program over the next two years, will be a “platform for technology research and development, testing products and applications” for private companies.

“This step will help break the monopoly in space, accelerate technological innovation, reduce government investment and improve efficiency,” said the Institute for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, which oversees the space program.

The China Daily media quoted an unnamed source as saying that China had to learn poker online from the United States that exploited the private sector for space research.

“The United States has long since opened a space program to the private sector, and NASA has made private companies closer to manned missions, but our state-owned companies still own the industry,” the source said.

“Private companies will invest to innovate their participation will reduce government financial spending and more people will be involved in our space exploration program.”

China is one of the countries that intensively conduct research and development of outer space for military, commercial, and scientific purposes. But overall, their technology is still lagging behind the United States and Russia.

China successfully landed on the moon through a Yutu space robot in Chang’e 3 mission in December 2013. This is the first lunar landing for China since 1976.

The robot sent data suggesting that the moon had nine different layers of poker stone on its surface. This indicates that the area has been geologically active for 3.3 billion years.

Yutu reveals, not only the basalt rock but also there is a hot cloud of rock formed through explosive eruptions in the volcanic plains on the moon. The checks by Yutu also show that there is more volcanic activity in the history of lunar volcanism.

Unfortunately, Yutu has mechanical problems and has ended his mission.